Hello! I’m Raymond Jimenez, and wsyntax technologies is my personal website.

I’m interested in electronics, flying small planes, and anime, but I like to dabble in lots of other things as well.

I currently work at Esperto Medical where I’m leading a team that’s responsible for some novel physiological sensors (with cool physics!). Previously, I’ve worked at SpaceX, Boeing on satellite electronics, and Phase Four as a lead electronics engineer.

During the times I was at SpaceX, I wore a couple different hats – I worked on space lasers, was responsible for some key navigation sensors, and was also a Dragon Mission Director for three flights. (I was a spaceship captain, though we didn’t call it that. I got to land spaceships in the Pacific!)

I graduated from Caltech in 2013 with a BS in electrical engineering, and I was a proud member of Dabney House.

When I’m having a good day shopping in Akihabara, I look like this!

Raymond and bags of anime goods

A better image, when I was in mission control from CRS-7
(as pictured in National Geographic’s Mars series, episode 1)

Raymond in SpaceX mission control

My resume is available.

The sidebar drawing of Yuyuko Saigyouji, and the drawing of myself above, are thanks to @dailyarturia.