In December 2016, I started private pilot lessons. Pages like Philip Greenspun’s Aviation Page and FlightChops gave me an in-depth look into what it’s like to be a general aviation pilot, and it seemed really fun!

As one of my former coworkers put it, “You live in an age where there are flying cars. They’re called planes, why don’t you learn how to fly?”

I finished my private pilot training in August of 2017, and posted a small writeup to reddit.

In early 2018, I bought a Rutan VariEze from a friend. I’ve taken some awesome flights in it, like a trip from Los Angeles to Santa Fe.

In the background, I turned the VariEze into a NieR:Automata plane. I think it’s the first ita-plane (痛飛行機) in the US!

NieR:Automata VariEze at Mojave