NieR:Automata Plane

NieR:Automata VariEze at Mojave


This is a Rutan VariEze decked out in full NieR:Automata livery. Nagu and I (Raymond) started this project in April 2018, and its first flight in the new wrap job was December 1, 2018.

I was inspired to decorate the plane after seeing FlyTanuki’s Kemono Friends ita-plane, along with his previous efforts on the Eromanga-sensei plane. I think this is the first of its kind in the US.

This plane is based out of Torrance Airport in California — if you see it, feel free to say hi!



  • Cruise Speed: 150mph
  • Engine: Continental O-200, 100hp
  • Empty Weight: 705lbs
  • Max Gross Weight: 1150lbs
  • Endurance: >4hrs

I’m pretty sure this is one of the fastest itasha out there!

Finished Pictures


Photos in Flight