Graduating Caltech, Future Plans

Woo! I’m set to graduate Caltech in a week or so. I’ve finished four years of classes, and I’m glad to be finally done. Caltech

I’ll miss Dabney, but it’ll always stay close to my heart.

It was a little weird. Ditch Day finally got here, and Jomya and I had lots of fun building things, but it’s surreal that it’s over. You can see pictures at Albert’s site, when he gets around to unlocking that post.

I also participated in two hackathons: the Y Combinator/Upverter hackathon, and the MAKEwithMOTO hackathon. It was lots of fun meeting new people and making new things!

In the news

In other news, Caltech and NPR also interviewed me:

Caltech Senior Spotlight

Take Two, 2013-05-14 (around the 1:19:00 mark)

Thank you, Tom Mannion, for putting my information out there!

From here…

Starting in July, I’ll be working at SpaceX, where I think I’ll be developing avionics hardware.

Thanks, and see you again o/

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