Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

This is one opus I completed over the summer of 2004. A pretty tricky test of folding skill and diagram interpretation skill with (probably) over 400 folds, here's the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. Yes, it's made from one piece of paper, a very long piece of paper. (IIRC, I used a piece of wrapping paper about 1x10ft)

feh_002463_000001_p7020001.jpg feh_002463_000002_p7020010.jpg feh_002463_000003_p7020009.jpg feh_002463_000004_p7020008.jpg feh_002463_000005_p7020007.jpg feh_002463_000006_p7020006.jpg feh_002463_000007_p7020005.jpg feh_002463_000008_p7020004.jpg feh_002463_000009_p7020003.jpg feh_002463_000010_p7020002.jpg feh_002463_000011_p7020011.jpg feh_002463_000012_p7030003.jpg feh_002463_000013_p7030002.jpg feh_002463_000014_p7030001.jpg

I finally got it framed in July 2005:

feh_002491_000001_DSCN0126.JPG feh_002491_000002_DSCN0125.JPG