Origami Wings

These are some pictures of the origami wings I made for Otakon 2004 -- I didn't really complete the rest of the costume though. Each feather has a good 40 folds, and there's some 200 of them... so maybe 8000 folds? It was a fun way to spend my summer.

feh_004873_000001_p7220002.jpg feh_004873_000002_p7220001.jpg feh_004873_000003_p7210001.jpg feh_004873_000004_p7210007.jpg feh_004873_000005_p7210006.jpg feh_004873_000006_p7210005.jpg feh_004873_000007_p7220002.jpg feh_004873_000008_p7220001.jpg feh_004873_000009_p7230003.jpg feh_004873_000010_p7230002.jpg feh_004873_000011_p7230001.jpg feh_004873_000012_p7230003.jpg feh_004873_000013_p7230002.jpg feh_004873_000014_p7230001.jpg feh_004873_000015_p7230003.jpg feh_004873_000016_p7230002.jpg feh_004873_000017_p7230001.jpg

I got them framed in the July of 2005 along with the Cuckoo Clock: